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The “Liechtensteiners”


What is it about?

In 1866 Liechtenstein – a small country situated between nowadays Switzerland and Austria – sent 80 soldiers to support the Austrian Army against the Prussian Army in the “Austro-Prussian War”. The 80 men soon met parts of the Austrian Army and made a friend there! So, they went to war with 80 men and came back with 81. Read more here.

Well, the Liechtensteiners of Tabletop behave nice, friendly, helpful and after a tournament come home with new friends!



How do we act?

Like the 80 soldiers in 1866 we should make friends. But how to achieve it?

  • Use army-lists that are fair, creative or both of it.

  • Be nice and help players, who aren’t super fit in the game.

  • Don’t act bossy or arrogant.

  • Don’t act like winning is everything.

  • Don’t cheat!


What are our rules?

Well, there aren’t much rules, but …

  • Our toast (Trinkspruch) is “Vaduz”.

  • Our special handshake is made with the right pinky. 

  • We don’t talk about the “Liechtensteiners” – We act like them.


How to become a member?

  • Any Liechtensteiner may propose someone to become member of the “club”. Just tell the others, why do you think the person should join.


At the moment there is not a thing like a leader. We are all equal. Wasi holds the position of “Captain of Team Liechtenstein (FoW)” at the moment. He served in the Swiss Army that is also the protecting power of FL (“Füstentum Liechtenstein”).



Our holiday is the 14th of February. On this day we salute to Fürst Adam (Duke Adam) with „Für Gott, Fürst und Vaterland“ (For God, Duke and Fatherland).

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